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Practical and stunning motorised blinds to suit any room in your home. Affordable and luxurious styles and designs controlled with the touch of a button!

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Beautiful Motorised Blinds

Add a sense of luxury to your home with our motorised blinds. They are a popular choice due to their practicality and simple to use design. Motorised blinds are more affordable than you may think! We offer a range of designs to suit all budgets. Simply press a button to operate the blind's opening and closing. They are available for single windows to as a single, automated system for multiple windows (for example, a conservatory). Gabriel Interiors offer a number of colours, designs and styles to create your perfect blind for your shape or style window.

Our blinds are powered by either One Touch or Somfy Technology which are both extremely reliable. They are perfect for any hard to reach areas or for people with mobility issues. They are completely child-safe and great for family homes. If you room has multiple automated blinds - you can open and close up to 5 on one control. If you have more than 5, we can upgrade your remote to allow up to 10 blinds to be controlled from one device.

Simple and Stunning

Many people consider motorised blinds an expensive luxury that they cannot afford. Our One Touch or Somfy Technology blinds are affordable and quick and easy to install - no need for an electrician. We can incorporate One Touch or Somfy Technology into a range of styles including venetian blinds, roller blinds, conservatory blinds, pleated blinds, roman blinds and more. We offer a huge variety of colours, fabrics and designs to suit any room in your home. Create a stunning interior with our high quality blinds.

Simply press a button to control your blinds - letting in as much or as little sunlight as you wish. As there is no need for continuous handling, you will find that the lifespan of these blinds are even longer than standard blinds.

About Us

Gabriel Interiors are based in Mayfield and serve customers around the surrounding areas of Crowborough. We are proud to offer welcoming and friendly service at our shop in the High Street - our team are here to help you find your perfect blinds. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or are seeking some inspiration, we can help! We are specialists in bespoke blinds, shutters, curtains and soft furnishings if you require any of our additional offerings. We are here with you every step of the way, from selecting your product, to creating it and expertly installing it.