Door Curtains

“Insulate your home and keep cold drafts out with Gabriel Interiors custom door curtains.”

Enhance Your Home Décor with a Door Curtain

At Gabriel Interiors we design and fit made-to-measure door curtains in homes across Kent and Sussex. Door curtains offer both practical and aesthetic benefits to your living space. Not only do they provide additional privacy and style but their primary benefit is keeping your home insulated by preventing cold drafts from entering.

All of our curtains are designed and made bespoke to fit your door seamlessly. We offer a stunning variety of stain-resistant fabrics which can be easily cleaned with steam. Our fabrics are highly durable and maintain their appearance and cleanliness over time.

Door curtains can be double-sided and fitted with a blackout or thermal lining. If you're looking for optimal draft prevention we suggest selecting a weighted fabric, which is then interlined. The interlined layer is lock stitched to the fabric before the curtain is made. Which is akin to wrapping the fabric in a blanket. To further enhance insulation, the entire curtain is then lined, resulting in three layers of fabric. Our team of curtain experts can offer guidance on the right fabric for your home.

We will typically utilise a pinch pleat heading which allows the curtain to neatly stack away from the door. This heading can be adapted for use on tracks or poles, accommodating various door configurations. Additionally, we can extend the curtain to touch the floor, effectively sealing off any drafts at the bottom.

What are the Benefits of Door Curtains?

Door curtains offer a host of benefits for homes, ranging from privacy and light control to energy efficiency and added style.

  • Temperature Regulation: Curtains block heat during summer and retain warmth in colder months, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.
  • Energy Efficiency: By improving temperature regulation, door curtains help to improve the energy efficiency of your home which can help to reduce energy bills.
  • Noise Reduction: Heavy duty door curtains minimise external noises, creating a quieter indoor environment. Especially helpful in high traffic or noisy areas.
  • Protection from Outside Dust or Debris: Curtains offer a shield against dust, pollen and outdoor debris. Helping to keep indoor spaces cleaner and air quality clearer.
  • Enhanced Interior Style: With a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from, our curtains add a decorative touch to your interior. Your curtains can reflect your personal style and complement your existing interior design.
  • Versatility: Our door curtains are made to measure and come in various styles to fit and suit an array of different door types - we can create the perfect solution for your home.

Door curtains are particularly well-suited for traditional homes or listed buildings.

Our dedicated team are always happy to discuss your needs, as well as offering expert advice and top-level customer support. Get in contact today.