Insulating Your Home with Interior Styling

“Made to measure, hand stitched, individually tailored curtains can create a striking impact within your home. ”

Hand-crafted curtains are a stunning asset to any property, embellishing any room beautifully, whilst allowing you to decorate to compliment your tastes and style.

However, did you know that your dazzling interior decor an also be used to insulate your property?

We hand make attractive, specially constructed curtains, blinds, and door curtains, which are specifically created to insulate your windows and doors to a high standard, whilst creating an exquisite backdrop to your home.

Can I insulate using curtains, door curtains and blinds?

If you want to not only make your house look sensational but also simultaneously conserve energy, we have some wonderful solutions at Gabriel Interiors! We can create tailor-made curtains, blinds and door curtains which are explicitly constructed to increase your insulation, whilst having a great deal visual appeal. The curtains are made with the highest levels of skill and workmanship, using the finest and most effective materials.

How can curtains and door curtains make a difference to my home insulation?

As 18% of heat loss occurs through windows and 35% of heat escapes from walls and gaps around doors and windows, insulating them with specially made curtains, door curtains or blinds can make a huge difference.

Our curtains have many advantages including:

  • Our curtains are made-to-measure, hand stitched, individually created and professionally prepared by our highly qualified team.
  • We have a wide range of stain-resistant fabrics which can easily be steam cleaned for ease of maintenance.
  • They can be made with thermal or blackout lining for additional insulation and light restriction.
  • Door curtains can be double sided, providing extra thickness to the fabric and ensure that both sides of your door are as beautiful as each other.
  • We offer fabrics in a variety of compositions, which can be made up with interlining to give your curtains more body and fullness. The interlining is lock stitched to the fabric before the curtain is made, which is essentially like wrapping the material in a blanket.
  • We use heavy weight sarille, which is man-made and gives more stability from shrinkage and movement. Movement is when the fabric either shrinks or stretches, so a fabric moving less makes it more stable for use. The heavy weight sarille we use is 300g, but we also have a 220g medium weight option too. We line the entire curtain, so it will have three layers of fabric, providing exceptional levels of insulation. Full curtains are excellent for insulation and stack neatly when they are hand headed, with a pinch pleat curtain style.  
  • We offer a full range of tracks and pole options, allowing you to have a style choice which suits with your home, coupled with the practicality of taking the weight of heavy curtains.
  • Using products like these are perfect for traditional homes and listed buildings, where the floor is uneven. We can lap the floor at the hem and carry the returns of the curtains to the wall, to fill all those nooks and crannies, keeping drafts out and the heat in.

Can blinds help with cooling your home?

Blinds can be very effective at reducing summer heat gain, which means that you won’t need to work so hard to cool your home with fans or air conditioning in the warm, summer months.  Modern homes, with bi-fold doors, can be dressed with roller blinds up to 3 metres in width on a single tube.  Dressed and finished with a neat fabric covered cassette.  Roller blinds can be kept down, in the heat of the sun, but you will still have the benefit of all the light during the daytime.  

Blackout roller blinds are always a popular choice for bedrooms.  Some of our Roller Blinds even work as a Polegen, so help Hayfever sufferers in the summer months.  Motorisation on Roller Blinds has become a very popular choice and with added home automation, you can even operate your blinds while you are away from home.  We offer a wide range of elegant blind designs, which can be the perfect accent to your home or business.

At Gabriel Interiors we have a broad selection of superb, customisable solutions which will help insulate your doors and windows, as well as tastefully decorating your home. Have a look at our gallery for some great examples of our work and contact us today for further details – a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.